K-pop idols who are disrespected by the reporters

There have been many times when idols got treated badly by the reporters, making fans outraged.

Up until now, the relationship between entertainment companies, K-pop idols and the media has always been good. However, there were many times when idols got treated disrespectfully, they even got scolded which made the fans really angry.

bts suga jennie
Idols are treated with disrespect by the media. 

Recently, the “global group” BTS had a schedule to go to Las Vegas (USA) to attend the Grammy Awards and continue to hold the next 4 concerts. Appearing at the airport, the members made fans extremely excited with their gorgeous outfits and flashing aura. 

BTS was at the airport, on their way to LA. 

However, at that time, a female reporter was being discriminating to some of BTS members. Specifically, this person told her colleague: “Just focus on Jimin, Jin and V. Don’t care about the rest.” Jungkook and j-hope did not appear due to health problems.

Suga was overlooked by reporters because he was not as popular as other members. 
Not only Suga but RM was also mistreated by the reporters despite being one of the core members of the group.

The female reporter’s behavior made BTS fans extremely angry. With BTS‘s position in Korea and all over the world, fans are outraged that the members are discriminated against in their homeland. They even came up with a question wondering how the reports will behave to less popular idols.

The reporter only focused on V, Jimin and Jin. 

Opposite to the situation of BTS, Jennie used to be brutally hunted by reporters. After finishing her schedule in Los Angeles (USA) and returning to Korea, when appearing at the airport, Jennie immediately got the attention of the press. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie was surrounded by reporters when she returned to Korea from the US.

Jennie got attacked by tons of cameras, leaving her with no choice rather than covering her face with her shirt while trying to get out of that crowd. The disrespectful action of the reporters at the airport had been strongly criticized by the fans. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie had to cover her face with a shirt while holding her head due to the chaotic crowd. 
jennie blackpink
It’s heartbreaking for the fans to see their idol get attacked like this.

At the Gaon Chart Music Award 2022, Red Velvet showed up in beautiful white dresses.  However, due to the epidemic in Korea, SM’s beauties gave signals to the reporters that they wouldn’t take off their masks for photos. 

irene red velvet
The Red Velvet members subtly told the reporters that they wouldn’t take off their masks.

Netizens praised Red Velvet members’ reactions as they crossed their arms to politely ask reporters to stop asking them to remove their masks. Leader Irene continued to do this and signaled to the members to keep their masks on.

Although Red Velvet was being respectful and serious about wearing masks to protect the health of everybody, reporters still insisted on telling them to do the opposite for good pictures. Some rude reporters even shouted at the members’ faces, causing them to eventually give in.

red velvet 280122
Red Velvet ended up taking off their masks for reporters to take photos.
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