K-netizens react to BLACKPINK Jennie’s scanty outfit in “The Idol” 

Despite HBO’s “The Idol” having come to its end, BLACKPINK Jennie still draws attention from netizens with her appearance. 

On July 5th, the leading actress of “The Idol”, Lily-Rose Depp, celebrated the series’ conclusion by publishing various behind-the-scenes photos of the drama on her personal Instagram. 

She also added an emotional caption, saying, “Thank you all for watching, listening, laughing & crying with us. Thank you to everyone-cast, crew, and everyone in between-who poured their hearts into making this show. Thank you Sam and Abel for the wildest, most beautiful journey of my life. & My idol family… I love you guys till the end of time”

black pink jennie the idol behind the scene
Behind-the-scenes photos of “The Idol”.

In the photos published by Lily-Rose Depp, the female star can be seen having fun alongside fellow “The Idol” cast members, including The Weeknd, Troye Sivan, Rachel Sennott, and of course, BLACKPINK Jennie. 

Upon seeing these images, Western media and audiences mocked the series, while Korean netizens seem to be focused on Jennie. 

In particular, a topic titled “Jennie’s outfit in ‘The Idol’, can this be considered clothing?”, whic implied that Jennie’s clothes were too scanty, was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, gaining huge attention.

Under the comment section, there were a lot of comments calling the level of exposure “overwhelming”, while one even described a top donned by Jennie as looking like “it was drawn with a 3D pen”. 

However, the majority of netizens seem to be on Jennie’s side. Below are some of their comments: 

  • [+284, -60] Lily-Rose Depp next to her was wearing the same outfit? It seems like the clothes were selected by the drama production team. Also, it’s an overseas drama anyway, so it’s not particularly serious exposure to them, and is just a drama costume? The United States is not very conservative when it comes to female upper body exposure. What’s wrong with wearing what American actors wear in American dramas? ㅋㅋ Please leave Jennie alone
  • [+260, -23] Why are you focusing on Jennie? Did Jennie threaten you guys to wear those outfits too? Or is she wearing that on a children’s program where children can watch? It’s an overseas drama and she’s just wearing a costume provided by the production team, so why is she being scolded?
  • [+259, -17] What did Jennie do wrong? Is this an era in which a woman could be considered a high-ranking criminal if she exposed herself? If not, why is she being described as a sick idol who committed a mortal sin?
  • [+259, -23] Seriously, what did Jennie do wrong? She just wore the clothes the staff put on her, and Lily-Rose Depp was wearing the same. Why on earth are you guys hating her? 

Source: k14, Pann Nate

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