K-drama with the highest rating at the moment: Excellent cast with impressive image transformation & interesting plot

With attractive story developments and a cast with many trustworthy actors, “Payback” captivated viewers as soon as it was released.

Unlike the success of OTT series, such as “The Glory”, TV dramas have not recorded any remarkable achievement in the first month of 2023. Among the new shows that have recently been introduced, “Payback” is showing the best performance. Without promotions, it recorded a high rating of 8.7% after airing only 3 episodes.


“Payback” tells about people who refuse to stay silent in front of incompetent and unjust power and risk everything to fight the money cartel that colluded with the law in their own way.

Lee Sun Kyun plays Eun Yong, a businessman and money trader who hides his identity. He’s the CEO and owner of a global investment company. Eun Yong, who has worked overseas for 10 years and become wealthy thanks to his intelligence and talents, suddenly has to return to Korea due to an accident. Finding out about the corruption in Korea’s economic situation, Eun Yong decides to fight against those who take advantage of the law to manipulate money. 

payback Lee Sun Gyun eun yong

Eun Yong’s companion is army major Park Joon Kyung (Moon Chae Won). She’s also an elite judicial officer who passed the bar exam and graduated from the training institute with top scores. Joon Kyung is an upright and righteous person, but after the mysterious death of her mother, she becomes determined to take revenge by all means, even breaking the law.

Moon-chae-won-Lee Sun Gyun-payback

Introducing thrilling and interesting stories from the beginning with the performances of two lead actors, who have already been recognized for their solid acting skills, “Payback” successfully gained favorable reviews. While Moon Chae Won once again impressed viewers with her stable character expressions, Lee Sun Kyun surprised everyone with his “crazy” acting. Lee Sun Kyun, who is best known for his appearance in the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”, showcases a new image through his portrayal of Eun Yong.

Since “Payback” chooses a rather complicated material about laws and has no love line, it is not viral like other works. However, its stable rating performance proves that the drama has secured a good amount of solid fans.

Source: K14

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