K-drama “Cheer Up” criticized for being unrealistic after having a female character beat up violent ex-boyfriend

A scene from the SBS drama “Cheer Up” is drawing mixed reactions for being “fantasy-level”

In the 6th episode of the SBS drama “Cheer Up“, which aired on October 18th of last month, there was a scene where Tae Cho Hee (Jang Gyu Ri) faced her ex-boyfriend.

Particularly, the ex-boyfriend came to see Tae Cho Hee, slapped her hard on the cheek, and said, “Do you dare block me?” in anger. Tae Cho Hee, who was slapped helplessly in the cheek, seemed to have lost her mind, but immediately came to her senses and switched her gaze into a bitter look, saying, “You were the one to strike first.”

Then, Tae Cho Hee slapped her ex-boyfriend’s cheek and hit the man’s important part with her knee. As the ex-boyfriend lay on the street holding his painful part, Tae Cho Hee started beating her boyfriend in earnest after asking a friend next to her to take a photo.

After beating her ex-boyfriend in the face with the bag she was holding, Tae Cho Hee ended the fight by kicking his ass with her foot.

When the ex-boyfriend couldn’t get up from the floor, Tae Cho Hee warned, “Don’t come back again,” and then turned her back, giving off a cool aura. 

Many viewers who saw the scene were enthusiastic, saying, “She’s so cool and taught him a real lesson”

However, some pointed out that while the scene was refreshing, it was too unrealistic, and left comments such as, “Even though it’s a drama, the physical difference is so great that it doesn’t make sense”, “In reality, women don’t engage in fights and just report it to the police”, and “Is this a fantasy drama?”

Jang Gyu Ri Cheer up

These people also criticized that it was uncomfortable to see a serious issue such as dating violence being portrayed lightly, and said that while “a drama is a drama”, such a “fantasy-level scene” makes it hard for viewers to immerse themselves into the series. 

On the other hand, “Cheer Up” is a romantic comedy campus drama with its own mystery twist, and is set in the backdrop of a university’s cheering squad. The series features many rising stars, such as Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, and Jang Gyu Ri, who all showed off excellent acting skills.

Jang Gyu Ri, who is playing the role of Tae Cho Hee, was born in 1997 and debuted as a member of the girl group fromis_9 in 2018. Then, in July 2022, she left fromis_9 to focus on her activities as an actress. 

Jang Gyuri

In “Cheer Up”, Jang Gyu Ri attracted attention right from the first appearance with her easygoing and cool charm. With her gorgeous visuals, Jang Gyu Ri shows off a character that captivates not only men’s hearts but also women’s hearts, boasting a chic mood and an arrogant aura.

Source: Insight

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