K-drama actress who was hit on by college students in elementary school because of her mature appearance

Posters for the new drama “Trolley” starring actress Kim Hyun Joo have been released.

On December 6th, SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Trolley”, which will premiere on December 19th, released two posters featuring Kim Hyun Joo, Park Hee Soon, Kim Moo Yeol and Jung Soo Bin


All the actors in the poster are wearing black and making cold expressions. The phrase “I didn’t think I could hide it forever” draws curiosity.

The drama “Trolley” tells the story of what happens when the secret of the wife of a member of the National Assembly, who has been hiding her past, is revealed to the world.

Kim Hyun Joo

“Trolley” is directed by Kim Moon Gyo, who participated in the drama “Stove League”, and writer Ryu Bo Ri, who wrote “Do you like Brahms?”, raising expectations.

On the other hand, actress Kim Hyun Joo recently drew attention with the story of what she experienced with her mature appearance in the past.

Kim Hyun-joo

Kim Hyun Joo told this story in a program, saying, “I was a tall girl with long hair in elementary school. So even when I was in elementary school, I looked like a 20-year-old.”

Kim Hyun Joo continued, “There were a lot of male students with an exceptionally large age gap following me around. They sometimes tapped on my shoulder and asked me to have coffee with them.”

Kim Hyun-joo

Kim Hyun Joo, who was an elementary school student at the time, brought laughter by saying, “I was scared and said, ‘I’m an elementary school student’ and ran away.”

Kim Hyun Joo said that she had dreamed of a job on TV since she was a child. In the past, Kim Hyun Joo wanted to become an entertainer from her first year of high school. In her third year of high school, she debuted as a model for a magazine in the hairstyle and makeup section.

Kim Hyun-joo

As her face gradually became known, she began to solidify her position in the entertainment world by appearing as the female lead of singer Kim Hyun Chul’s “Life” MV.

Kim Hyun Joo then continued activities in various fields such as CFs and dramas and achieved splendid results. She received the Best Actor Award from the three broadcasters, MBC, KBS, and SBS.

Kim Hyun-joo

Since then, Kim Hyun Joo has starred in various works such as Netflix’s “Hellbound”, “Undercover”, “I Have A Lover”, “The Miracle We Met”, etc.  

Kim Hyun Joo has always shown excellent acting skills so viewers are looking forward to what she will show in “Trolley”.  

Source: Daum

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