“JYP Founder” Park Jin Young has something to say to the CSAT-takers

Today is “CSAT Day,” where students across the country are evaluated for what they have been preparing for 12 years.

From the morning of Nov 17th, more than 508,000 test takers took the CSAT at 1,300 test sites nationwide. Aside from students who ace the test, some might be shedding tears in regret. However, there is something JYP Entertainment’s head Park Jin Young wrote in the past that everyone should read after the CSAT.

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Park Jin Young’s article, which sincerely comforts test-takers, has been a hot topic among CSAT-takers and netizens since 2013. In this article, Park Jin Young shared how “CSAT is not everything in life” based on his past experiences.

Park Jin Young wrote, “When I was 20, the world was divided into two sides, winners and losers. The ones who succeeded and the ones who failed. These two worlds were so distinctly different in every way,” he said. “It was such a brutally huge difference for the consequences of years of immature adolescence.”

Fortunately, Park Jin Young successfully got admitted to Yonsei University at that time and was part of the “winner team”.

Park Jin Young said, “I didn’t make any plans or efforts for my future. My 20-year-old days were full of friends, seniors, alcohol, women, and dance. I thought the world was divided into two and I was on the winner’s team, so I thought I just had to live without any worries,” he talked about his early 20s.

“Seven years later, I witnessed amazing things again,” he said. “I could see these two different worlds, which seemed to last forever, turned upside down. Those two worlds were divided into four and eight again. A friend who graduated from prestigious universities retired due to restructuring, and a friend who fell the college entrance exam became the best choreographer.”

Park Jin-young

Park Jin Young continues, “All of you who are now 20 years old will belong to one of the two worlds of success or failure. But the winner should not be conceited, and the loser should not fall into despair,” he stressed.

Finally, Park Jin Young gave encouragement to those who failed the CSAT. He said, “Don’t forget that 20 years old is not the end, it’s the beginning. I hope you keep in mind that starting early doesn’t necessarily mean winning, and starting late doesn’t necessarily mean losing.” As Park Jin Young said, “Life is long and the CSAT is only a short period of time. Don’t be discouraged just because your grades are not good or because you didn’t get accepted to the university you wanted. Your life is long and the most beautiful in the world.”

Meanwhile, Park made his debut in 1993 with an album called “Blue City”. He has released numerous hit songs, including “Don’t Leave Me,” “Honey,” “Elevator,” “She Was Pretty,” “I Have a Girl,” “By Your Side,” and “Who Is Your Mama.” Park Jin Young also established JYP Entertainment to train many juniors singers including Rain, g.o.d, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, GOT7, TWICE, and DAY6.

Source: Insight

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