“Juvenile Justice” Lee Sung-min: “I was shocked by how little Kim Hye-soo eats, I even thought she was a rookie actor”

Lee Sung-min was impressed by fellow actor Kim Hye-soo’s “professional consciousness.”  

Kim Hye-soo said at a production briefing press conference for the Netflix series “Juvenile Justice” which was held live on the morning of Feb 22nd, “The scenes themselves were amazing, but my heart was about to explode when I saw the cast. Isn’t just by meeting this lineup can make your heart tremble? I was always afraid of going to the filming scene, but I was very nervous as well,” she said, expressing her deep affection.

Juvenile Justice Lee Sung-min

Lee Sung-min talked about Kim Hye-soo, “I was surprised every moment when I saw Kim Hye-soo. It was shocking,” he said, drawing attention. Lee Sung-min said, “Her perfect preparation and immersion for her character were incredible. It was like watching a rookie actor at work,” he said. “She’s an actor who I really have a lot to learn from in terms of attitude. She is a colleague who made me reflect on myself every moment,” he said.

Juvenile Justice Lee Sung-min

“The amount of food she eats is also shocking. She eats very little. Her thorough self-management for the character is very professional,” he added.

“Juvenile Justice” (Directed by Hong Jong-chan and written by Kim Min-seok), which will be released on Feb 25th, is a new Netflix original series depicting the reality of juvenile crimes that judge Shim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo), who “hate” juvenile offenders, has to face after she is appointed to the district court’s youth department.

Juvenile Justice Lee Sung-min

Attention is focusing on whether writer Kim Min-seok’s long-standing skill, director Hong Jong-chan’s delicate directing, and the high-class actors who showed affection and sincerity for the work by joining in discussing for scenes that they don’t even appear in, will be recognized for their work, and how Kim Hye-soo will be evaluated on the world stage.

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