Is T-ara Hyomin’s strange action a secret announcement of her pregnancy?

Recently, people have constantly speculated about T-ara Hyomin’s action.

On February 21st, a strange video appeared on Hyomin‘s personal page, causing a stir in the public. This beauty suddenly showed a video of her rubbing the belly, raising the suspicion that the female idol was pregnant with her first child. On January 1st, the female idol was reported to be dating football player Hwang Ui Jo.

Looking more closely, people have seen Hyomin‘s caption “I’m so hungry”, but rumors that the female idol is pregnant with her first child with the footballer boyfriend are still spreading on social networks. People think that the female idol wants to secretly announce the good news, so she deliberately did this action and wrote that caption to distract. Currently, the T-ara member has not yet commented on this issue.

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