“Just kill me”… Jang Na-ra hit her older brother’s important part with her hind leg

There are representative siblings in the entertainment industry who made people laugh due to an unintentional catastrophe.

On May 13th, actor Jang Seong-won posted a video on his Instagram along with the caption saying, “Catastrophe.” Jang Seong-won is Jang Na-ra’s older brother.


The video is a CCTV of the boxing gym, showing Jang Na-ra and Jang Seong-won exercising together.


Jang Na-ra unintentionally hit Jang Seong-won’s lower abdomen with her hind leg while trying to stand on her hands. Jang Seong-won collapsed and Jang Na-ra did not know what to do. An acquaintance believed to be a trainer even rolled on the floor laughing.


Jang Seong-won provoked laughter by adding hashtags#not_younger_sister_but_enemy #just_kill_me #ruined_daily_life” to the video. Jang Na-ra quoted the video on her Instagram story to express her sorriness.


Jang Seong-won made his debut in 1995 as a talent from MBC’s 24th open recruitment. Last year, he appeared in OCN and tvN’s drama “Dark Hole”.


Jang Na-ra celebrated her 21st debut anniversary this year. She starred in KBS2’s drama “Sell Your Haunted House”, which ended in June last year.


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