Jungkook’s fancam (BTS) surpassed 1 million views in just 1 day thanks to the shirt popping open that made fans go crazy

Thanks to Jungkook’s rebellious button, fans had the opportunity to admire the eye-catching fancam, making the views also increase rapidly.

BTS has just completed 3 nights of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Seoul (Korea), despite the bad weather conditions, the 7 members still heated up the stage with enthusiastic performances, especially Jungkook, with his shirt popping open that took the spotlight at the Fake Love stage on the 3rd night of the show (March 13th).

BTS Jungkook fancam
Jungkook took the spotlight on the 3rd concert night thanks to the extremely hot “revealing” moment

BTS maknae’s Fake Love performance outfit is a black vest in a semi-open crop top style. This outfit is already very sexy. Jungkook also performed too hard, so until half of the song, his button popped out, causing the male idol to reveal his muscular bare chest and solid abs. Jungkook’s performance was so hot that not only caused a storm at the time of the concert, but the fancam recording the moment also surpassed 1 million views in just 1 day.

BTS Jungkook fancam
Fancam Jungkook performing Fake Love reached 1 million views in 1 day, so far the views have reached 1.2 million
Jungkook (BTS) fancam showing bare chest when performing Fake Love in concert in Seoul

Notably, Jungkook’s fancam achieved huge views not only because the male idol showed off his sexy masculine body, but many people were also attracted by his cuteness. Knowing that he had an outfit problem, the youngest member of BTS could only smile shyly. He tried many times to re-button his shirt, but finally gave up helplessly.

BTS Jungkook fancam
Jungkook can only laugh when he sees his shirt pop open
BTS Jungkook fancam
The male idol seemed helpless when he had to fix the buttons so many times
BTS Jungkook fancam
Despite having his body revealed, Jungkook still maintained his professionalism, showing off his charisma and top performing skills.

While Jungkook had a hard time keeping his clothes neat and tidy, for ARMY and some Korean netizens, the button is like a “goddess” as they they have the opportunity to admire the male idol’s sexy body, and he himself has the opportunity to add a legendary fancam to his collection.

Knet commented:

  • Jungkook is super cool, but he’s also cute.
  • No wonder he’s a fancam master! He’s awesome so it’s good to watch.
  • I’m one of the contributors to this million views, I’ve watched it countless times. Jeon Jungkook, I love you.
  • Kudos to his button, do better next time!
  • Jungkook’s buttons are on ARMY’s side.
  • His body is not simply beautiful, he even looks pure and cute. He really has the crazy charm of an idol.
  • His body is so beautiful.
  • Who raised this button? What a good boy! We thought this guy was going to be in trouble, but he’s already done his best.
  • Thanks, button!
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