Jung Ryeo Won, the “best friend” of Gong Hyo Jin, attended her New York wedding

Actress Jung Ryeo Won shared her recent status after attending Gong Hyo Jin’s wedding.

On October 17th, Jung Ryeo Won posted a photo on her personal SNS channel without adding a caption.

Jung Ryeo Won

In the photo, Jung Ryeo Won shared her recent status while abroad. It is known that the actor has an overseas schedule and attended the wedding of best friend, Gong Hyo Jin. It seems that the actress went to visit an exhibition during her trip. 

Gong Hyo-jin Son Dam bi Jung Ryeo-won

Although Jung Ryeo Won did not wear much makeup in the photo, she boasted a radiant beauty. Like a young girl, she braided her hair in two ponytails or let it down long, creating a variety of charms. Her beauty that perfectly suits all hairstyles has shone abroad as well.

On the other hand, Jung Ryeo Won is appearing in the Disney+ series.”May It Please the Court”

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