Jung Ho-yeon’s reaction when her best friend Hyeri showed up at the Blue Dragon Series Awards as an award presenter draws attention

Actress Jung Ho-yeon couldn’t hide her excitement seeing her best friend Hyeri at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards.

The 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards was held at Paradise City, Incheon on July 19th. On this day, actress Hyeri and SHINee’s Key took the stage to announce the winners of Best Male/ Female Entertainers. 


As soon as Hyeri and Key appeared, Jung Ho-yeon held her hands tightly while watching from her seat. This scene became a hot topic after the awards ceremony.

Jung Ho-yeon, who became a world-class actress thanks to her performance in Netflix’s original series “Squid Game”, smiled brightly like a little girl when her best friend showed up. Jung Ho-yeon’s short bangs that revealed her eyebrows even doubled her cute charms.


When Key and Hyeri, who have shown amazing chemistry like real siblings on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”, boasted their perfect teamwork at the awards ceremony, Jung Ho-yeon smiled happily. After the event, Hyeri posted a photo of Jung Ho-yeon on her Instagram along with the caption “So this is how you were looking at me?”, drawing laughter. 


Hyeri also congratulated Jung Ho-yeon on her winning of Best New Actress at the awards ceremony. Seeing the two, who are known to be best friends, showing off their unchanging friendship, fans reacted enthusiastically.

jung ho yeon

Meanwhile, Hyeri announced comedian Kang Ho-dong and Celeb Five as winners of Best Male and Female Entertainers.

Source: insight

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