Jung Ho-yeon won “Best Actress” at the “Director’s Cut Awards”: “’Squid Game’ was such a happy time, the driving force of my life”

Jung won the Best Actress of the Year award in the series category. 

Jung Ho-yeon said at the 20th “Director’s Cut Awards”, which was broadcast live on Naver TV on Feb 24th, “I sincerely thank all directors for giving me such a big award.”

Jung Ho-yeon said, “I’m an actor who still lacks a lot and needs a lot of study and experience. I look forward to receiving more help in the future.”

Director's Cut Awards

She then said, “My time working with director Hwang Dong-hyuk was fun and I learned a lot from the beginning,” adding, “I will keep on saying thank you again and again for the rest of my life.”

She also said, “I was so happy to be with everyone who filmed “Squid Game” together with me, and I think that memory and time have been a great driving force in my life,” adding, “I want to be an actor who builds up such time step by step in the future.”

Director's Cut Awards

Meanwhile, the “Director’s Cut Awards” is an awards ceremony hosted and organized by the Korean Film Directors Association, in which directors who are active in the film scene directly vote to select the directors and actors of the year.

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