Jung Hae In is reportedly in talks to replace Yoo Ah In as the lead of “Veteran” sequel 

Jung Hae In received an offer to star in “Veteran 2”. 

Led by Yoo Ah In, “Veteran” was released in 2015 and became a box office hit by recording 13 million admissions nationwide. Thanks to the movie’s success, a sequel came under discussion, but no updates on its release were provided for a while.

After 7 years, the news related to “Veteran 2” has finally arrived and is drawing great attention. However, it is not an official production announcement, but it is news that an unexpected new actor will join the cast.

JTBC reported through an exclusive article on July 5th that Jung Hae In has been offered to lead “Veteran 2”. The media reported that Jung Hae In has completed oral discussions about joining, but Jung Hae In’s reps said that he is currently reviewing his appearance, so it is still unconfirmed whether he will join or not.

Despite being more well-known for his dramas, Jung Hae In also received good reviews for his performance in the movies namely “Tune In For Love” and “Start-Up”. Netflix’s original series “D.P.” was successfully launched last year, and season 2 is currently being filmed. He also joined the Disney Plus series “Connect”, which is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023. He will be acting alongside Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Hye Jun. Attention is focused on whether Jung Hae In will officially join “Veteran 2” and continue Yoo Ah In’s success. 

Meanwhile, “Veteran 2” is known to have yet to have a scenario, and most of the members of the investigation team, including actors Hwang Jung Min and Oh Dal Su, who appeared in the first movie, will return. It is reported that director Ryoo Seung Wan will continue to be in charge of directing the sequel. “Veteran 2” aims to start filming in the second half of this year after going through the pre-production stage.

Source: daum

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