Jung Eun Hye’s latest drawing will be on display at Enver Gallery in support for a support campaign for people with developmental disabilities 

Jung Eun Hye is a caricature artist who made herself known to the wider public through her role as a girl with developmental disability in “Our Blues.” Her portrayal helped deliver the lived experience of people with the syndrome and break the stereotypes that prevent people with disabilities from advancing in life. Jung Eun Hye plays Young Ok’s elder twin sister, Young Hee in the drama.

jung eun hye

Artist Jung Eun Hye specializes in witty portraits and caricatures that capture an individual’s facial features with bold lines and rough shapes. The work “Jennie with a Blue Rose” was inspired from the idea that BLACKPINK Jennie received a bouquet of blue roses from her mother every year as a way to say “A miracle that does not give up.” 

Jung Eun-hye

In addition to her activities as a painter, artist Jung Eun Hye also participates in various lectures and campaigns to enhance the human rights of disabled people, including consciousness-raising and employment issues. She strives to narrow the gap between the disabled and able-bodied people with her activism.

Currently, “Jennie with a Blue Rose” is available at Enver Gallery in Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, and the profit from the “BLUE ROSE” campaign will be used to support the social independence of people with developmental disabilities. 

Source: Jobpost

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