JTBC revealed the reason for the sudden cancellation of “Reborn Rich” broadcast this week

JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”, which is gaining huge popularity every week, unfortunate news of a broadcast cancellation.

On November 29th, SPOTV News reported the reason for the cancellation of “Reborn Rich” episode 7, which was scheduled to air on December 2nd (Friday).

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According to the report, JTBC said, “We decided to take a break on December 2nd considering the broadcast of a global sports event that is arousing high public interest”, adding “We will air a re-run of episode 6 on that day.”

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JTBC continued, “According to our plan for this 16-episode drama, episodes 15 and 16 are scheduled to air on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, of the last broadcasting week, so that more viewers will have time to watch the original broadcasts”. They explained, “We announced the schedule in advance hoping viewers who have shown keen attention for ‘Reborn Rich’ from the beginning will continue watching it until the end.”

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Accordingly, the 7th episode of “Reborn Rich” will air on Saturday, December 3rd. This drama, which made a hot topic with its unusual broadcasting method of airing 3 episodes a week, will introduce only two new episodes on Saturday and Sunday this week. 

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Earlier, JTBC also canceled “CK Monsters”, which was originally scheduled for November 28th, due to the match between Korea and Ghana, and re-broadcasted “Talkpawon 25:00”. South Korea’s national team will have their third match against Portugal’s team at midnight on December 3rd. 

Source: wikitree

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