Jo Jung Suk draws admiration from netizens with his affectionate action towards his wife Gummy at her concert

Actor Jo Jung Suk made headlines with his special appearance at the concert of his wife Gummy.

Gummy held her 20th-anniversary concert “Be Origin” in Seoul at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park on February 5th. She successfully wrapped up her concert tour by getting the audience immersed in her performances for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Gummy concert

Gummy chose her debut song “If You Come Back” as her opening song. The female singer explained, “I wanted to spend time bringing back old memories for people who listen to my music so I arranged the performances with songs in the order of their release dates and focused on representative tracks.”

In particular, Gummy’s husband Jo Jung Suk aroused keen interest as he showed up on the stage that day as a guest. On the previous show on February 4th, Jo Jung Suk also made a special appearance through a VCR but he came to the concert in person on the second day of the concert (February 5th).

The two directed the scene and created a romantic atmosphere by singing the OST song “Shallow” of the movie “A Star Is Born” together.

Gummy then shared, “I often sing together at home, but through this concert, we show you our couple duet for the first time”, adding “Should we release a song? My husband really likes that idea”, drawing attention.

She continued, “Our mothers always ask, ‘Is Jo Jung Suk not coming?’, every time”. Jo Jung Suk, who was standing next to his wife and watching her speak, praised Gummy, “You look so pretty today”, drawing loud cheers from the audience.

Videos of this scene spread to various SNS sites and online communities. Netizens gave explosive responses, such as “It’s so nice to see you two together”, “What are you doing to your ex-girlfriend?”, “This is crazy”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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