Jo In-sung thanks his ‘twin brother’ for the huge pizza truck sent to the filming site of his upcoming drama “Moving”

Actor Jo In-sung confirmed that he had received the pizza truck supported by a close friend.

Jo In-sung posted a photo on his Instagram Story on May 13th along with the caption “Thank you”. The released picture shows a pizza truck, which was sent to where Jo In-sung was filming. The banner on the truck contained a supportive message, which is “In-sung ah, this is your twin brother Burger hyung. Fly high, Jo In-sung. Let’s go ‘Moving’!”.

This is a gift from actor Park Hyo-joon, who has been close friends with Jo In-sung for a long time. The two recently appeared together in the show “Boss By Chance” starring Jo In-sung as the cast.

Jo In Sung

Meanwhile, Jo In-sung is scheduled to meet fans through Disney+’s new original series “Moving” and his upcoming movie “Smuggler”.

Source: Naver

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