Jo Ah Ram shows amazing chemistry with Uhm Jung Hwa both as a senior and a future daughter-in-law in “Doctor Cha”

“Doctor Cha” actress Jo Ah Ram impressed drama fans with her extraordinary presence.

Jo Ah Ram is drawing keen attention with her performance as Jeon So Ra, a perfectionist third-year surgical resident who can’t tolerate even a simple mistake, in JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Doctor Cha”.

jo ah ram

Jo Ah Ram’s charms and acting shone even more starting from episodes 9 and 10, which marked the beginning of “Doctor Cha” second act. Above all, the ‘womance’ detail, which is often seen in recent dramas, has become a special turning point in the relationship between Jeon So Ra and Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa). This help highlights the strong friendship and solidarity between the two.

First, Jo Ah Ram perfectly portrayed the facial expressions of Jeon So Ra when she was in shock after discovering the fact that Cha Jung Sook and Seo Jung Min (Song Ji Ho) are not just co-workers, but mother and son. She showed the character’s changing emotions in detail, such as realizing that her boyfriend had lied to her and that Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) and Cha Jung Sook are married.

jo ah ram

In particular, Jo Ah Ram’s character, who is cool-headed, tried to get out of shock as soon as possible and sometimes made efforts to understand her boyfriend who has no choice but to lie to her. The actress skillfully showcased her dense and captivating acting by freely conveying Jeon So Ra’s wide range of emotions.

Jo Ah Ram’s realistic acting and charms also exploded when she shows her “womance” with senior actress Uhm Jung Hwa.

After failing to narrow the gap with her boyfriend and returning to the hospital, Jeon So Ra cheers up Cha Jung Sook, who is having a hard time due to her husband’s love affair, by taking her on a joyride in her own sports car bought with her “minus” savings. Jo Ah Ram doubled the attractiveness of her character in the scenes where Jeon So Ra opened the car’s sunroof and acted like a ‘tsundere’ senior to soothe the wounded heart of Cha Jung Sook. The two boasted perfect teamwork that reminds viewers of “Thelma & Louise”.

Moreover, Jo Ah Ram excellently expressed Jeon So Ra’s straightforwardness and blunt way of speaking when mentioning Seo In Ho’s love affair, saying “I want to kill them both”. The pleasant conversation between future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law brought refreshing joy to viewers and raised anticipation for the two’s moments in the next episodes.

Source: Daum

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