Jisoo (BLACKPINK) claims her title as the “Clumsy Lady”: Looking for her phone while using it for live streaming 

Her clumsiness and awkwardness add to her overall charisma. 

BLACKPINK members are loved for their duality onstage and offstage. The same goes to their oldest member Jisoo where she can be a bit clumsy and forgetful at times, conveying a distinct charm that makes her fans love and laugh with the idol. 

blackpink Jisoo
Clumsiness is one of Jisoo’s hidden charms. (Image:  Pinterest, KPOPTORNADO)

Specifically, while the BLACKPINK world tour schedule was intense, Lisa and Jisoo made an effort to use a bit of their free time to talk with fans through live streaming. Apart from their charming stories, the idols’ interactions were not to be missed. 

Jisoo and Lisa were pumped with energy despite a tight schedule. (Image: Twitter @LISANATIONS_)

While doing their streaming, Jisoo started to look for her phone when she saw Lisa looking closely into hers. 

The singer looked for her phone restlessly. (Image: TikTok @._ltynt05)

Noticing that Jisoo was having a hard time looking for her phone, Lisa was quick to remind the singer that she was using her phone for live streaming. Jisoo’s embarrassed expression made fans burst out laughing for her “adorkableness”. 

She forgot her phone was right in front of her. (Image: TikTok @._ltynt05)
Lisa stood by Jisoo’s side when Jisoo was criticised for her weight. (Image: Twitter @bvlgrlisa, Twitter @BLACKPINKGLOBAL)

Jisoo’s clumsiness appeared in another event where she was too focused on dancing she forgot she reached the end of the stage. 

Jisoo was unaware of her surroundings. It was Rosé who came to help and pointed out the dangerous situation.(Image: TikTok @ayunjy1)
blackpink jisoo concert
 The idol is always full of energy on stage. (Image: ODD) 

On another occasion, BLACKPINK was showcasing their cooking skills. Jisoo once again made others “speechless” with her clumsiness. 

Jisoo accidentally tore away a part of the seaweed. (Image: YouTube Soochu)

As she tore a corner of the seaweed package, she accidentally took away a part of the seaweed piece herself, causing an awkward moment for the singer. 

Lisa was left with no words after witnessing Jisoo’s accident. (Image: YouTube Soochu)
Jisoo stumbled and felt while roller-skating. (Image: YouTube Soochu)
The idol has both the visual and the humor. (Image: Pinterest) 

Despite her occasional awkwardness, it often comes across as a charming trademark of the idol. Apart from her talent and visuals, she can easily put a smile on everyone without even knowing. 

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