BTS Jimin tops the “Star I want to spend White Day with” ranking

On March 14th, SevenEdu, an education company, announced the result of a survey asking, “Which star do you want to spend White Day with?”

According to this result, Jimin (BTS) topped the ranking. 

The survey was conducted on a pool of 2,222 people that lasted from February 14th to March 9th. Jimin dominated the list with 1,299 votes (58.8 percent).

Actor Kim Seon Ho ranked second with 774 (34.8%) and Taeyong (NCT) came in third with 64 votes (2.9%).


March 14th every year, known as the “White Day,” is an “answer day” to Valentine’s Day when the men pay back the women the gifts and chocolates they received on Valentine’s Day. As the Valentine’s Day tradition settled in Japan on February 14th, there is a theory that the Japanese candy and snack industry marketed men to give marshmallows, cookies, and candies to women in return on March 14th, a month later.


In explaining why BTS Jimin was selected as the top star with whom one wanted to spend White Day with, CEO of Seven Edu & Mathematics Department, Cha Gil Young, said, “Jimin’s friendly and lovely charm captivates women’s hearts.”

Jimin is set to release his first solo album “FACE” commencing a new start for Jimin as a solo artist. The title song. “Like Crazy”, which boasts intense synth and drum sound in harmoney with Jimin’s voice, will be released on March 24th.

Source: wikitree

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