Jihyo, Jennie, Hyeri, Hani: Female idols who have been involved in dating rumors more than twice

Twice's Jihyo, following singer Kang Daniel, has become embroiled in dating rumors with former skeleton national team member Yun Sung-bin

This is drawing attention to even those who have been involved in dating rumors more than twice while active as girl group members.

On March 25th, Sway reported on dating rumors involving Twice’s Jihyo and former skeleton national team member Yun Sung-bin.

The media outlet stated, “Jihyo and Yun Sung-bin have been dating for a year. The two, who both enjoy sports, met for the first time through acquaintances and progressed to become lovers.”

twice jihyo-daniel-yoon sung bin

Jihyo’s agency JYP Entertainment said, “It’s difficult to confirm because it’s a private life matter.”

Jihyo was previously caught up in dating rumors with Kang Daniel in August 2019. At the time, both agencies acknowledged the relationship, saying, “They are getting to know each other with good feelings.” However, the two broke up after publicizing their relationship for a year and three months.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been involved in dating rumors with popular idol members consecutively, such as EXO’s Kai, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and BTS’s V.

jennie blackpink-kai-g-dragon-bts-v

In January 2019, Jennie and Kai announced their relationship, but just one month later, they announced their breakup.

In 2021, Jennie was caught up in dating rumors with G-Dragon. At the time, the media reported, “G-Dragon and Jennie have progressed from being senior-junior in the same agency to being lovers. They have been dating for a year already.” However, their agency YG Entertainment stated, “It’s impossible to confirm their private lives.”

Afterward, when Jennie was spotted with BTS’s V on Jeju Island, dating rumors resurfaced. Although both agencies remained silent, when couple photos suspected to be Jennie and V were leaked, it seemed certain that they were dating.

Last December, as V enlisted in the military, the couple faced breakup rumors, but their agencies did not respond.

EXID’s Hani publicly dated JYJ’s Kim Junsu and is publicly dating psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong.

hani-kim junsu-yang jaewoong

In January 2016, Hani announced her relationship with Kim Junsu, but due to busy schedules, they broke up just nine months later in September 2016.

In 2022, Hani was caught up in dating rumors with Yang Jae-woong, who is ten years older than her, and confirmed their relationship. Recently, the two have been publicly displaying their affection by posting photos taken together on SNS.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri garnered a lot of attention by publicly dating H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn and actor Ryu Jun-yeol.

tony an-hyeri-ryu jun yeol

In 2013, Hyeri announced her relationship with Tony Ahn. Overcoming their 16-year age gap, the two received many congratulations, but they broke up after eight months of public dating.

Afterwards, in 2017, Hyeri announced her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol. Last November, after seven years of public dating, they announced their breakup.

Ryu Jun-yeol recently admitted to dating actress Han So-hee, attracting a lot of attention.

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