“Ji Chang-wook’s Text Messages” Led to a Woman’s Divorce?

A woman’s divorce is drawing significant attention on Korean social media, but why is Ji Chang-wook’s name mentioned?

On the morning of July 6 (KST), Koreaboo reported that top-tier actor Ji Chang-wook has become the center of discussion after a story about a couple from England circulated on Korean social media. 

It is known that the incident occurred 4 years ago. At the time, man named John realized that trouble was brewing after discovering that his wife was being psychologically manipulated by someone claiming to be actor Ji Chang-wook.

Ji Chang-wook

The person posing as Ji Chang-wook not only texted and flirted with John’s wife but also demanded money to start his own company. The situation reached its peak when John’s wife suddenly asked for a divorce to be with the Korean heartthrob. At that time, John’s wife firmly believed that the person messaging her every day was Ji Chang-wook, her idol. John panicked and tried to save the marriage by all means. After some investigation, John suspected that a scammer was impersonating Ji Chang-wook to defraud and steal assets. John pointed out several suspicious signs, such as the scammer texting his wife almost 24/7, always using English, and using multiple fake social media accounts simultaneously. From these details, John concluded that the person texting his wife could not be the Korean actor.


John decided to seek help from a famous Korean YouTuber to unmask the scammer. They contacted Ji Chang-wook’s management company, hoping to quickly identify the fraudster. However, the company thought it was just a joke and did not take any action to investigate.


Eventually, John had to ask his sister, who was well-versed in the tricks and schemes of online scammers, for help. During their interaction, John’s sister managed to expose the impersonator posing as Ji Chang-wook. Specifically, the scammer accidentally sent a prewritten message intended for another woman to John’s wife’s phone. After learning the true identity of the impersonator, John’s wife decided to return to John and cut off all contact with the scammer.

The story about the impersonator scamming by posing as Ji Chang-wook has gone viral across Korean social media recently. The incident serves as a warning for everyone to be vigilant and protect themselves from the traps of online fraud.

Source: Krb

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