Ahn Bo-hyun “Countless Audition Rejections Became a Motivation for Me”

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun revealed that he faced countless rejections at auditions and that these numerous trials and errors have served as a motivation for him

On July 5th, the SINGLES KOREA magazine’s YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring Ahn Bo-hyun.

In response to the question “You seem to be working a lot?“, he said, “It’s really ironic because when I’m working, I always think I want to rest a bit. But my body gets restless, and I feel like resting isn’t my nature. Even if it’s tough, I find myself wanting to go back to the set. That’s how I feel for now.”

ahn bo hyun

Regarding the question “When you came to Seoul, you didn’t pass auditions on your first try, did you?“, he answered, “I really attended countless auditions. Unlike many others, I didn’t learn acting in college or similar places, so I thought experience was important. I attended many auditions, got to the final stages, and got rejected many times. These experiences have motivated me and perhaps even given me a sense of ambition.

When asked if his experience in sports helped him, he said, “Yes. While living in Seoul, I worked three part-time jobs at once. When I felt physically exhausted, I would remind myself that compared to my sports training, this was nothing. I pushed myself hard.”

To the question “Someone I like vs. Someone who likes me“, he answered, “I’ve almost always been with people who liked me, but now I prefer to be with someone I like.”

ahn bo hyun

When asked if he makes the first move towards someone he likes, he said, “I usually don’t make the first move due to my personality, but if the opportunity arises, I think I should start. I’m trying to change my usual ways. I’m typically very strict and negative towards myself, not very forgiving. However, after fan meetings and receiving a lot of support, I want to respond positively. Now, I think I should love myself positively.

When asked about his feelings when meeting global fans, he shared, “I get surprised every time I go to the airport. The most touching thing is seeing fans learning and using awkward Korean to write my name. Seeing even misspelled names like ‘Ahn Bo-yeon’ makes me wonder what I did to deserve this. It’s amazing and has become a great driving force for me as an actor.

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