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Jessi’s lookalike on “I’m SOLO” boasts impressive wealth and outstanding beauty, “I have 5 billion won in assets and owns 5 houses in Daegu”

The grand lineup of beautiful solo girls appears on the 10th Single Special of “I’m SOLO”.

SBS PLUS, ENA PLAY’s real dating program “I’m SOLO”, which will air on August 24th, unveils the lineup of solo girls with celebrity-class visuals for the first time. 

i'm solo

The girls introduced in the Single Special boast goddess beauties. 3 MCs Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung and Song Hae-na, who had been seeing solo girls with their eyes opened widely from the beginning, were surprised. They exclaimed, “Are they really single?”, “How can they be single?”, etc.

In particular, a solo girl showed off her sexy visual that reminds the viewers of Jessi. She astonished the 3 MCs even more by revealing her financial resource which is even more outstanding than her beauty. The solo girl said, “I visited fortune-teller’s shops and they said I had no luck for husband, but I would have a lot of money”, adding “My asset is approximately more than 5 billion won. I have 5 houses in Daegu.”

i'm solo

From a cute girl who looks fresh and lively like MAMAMOO’s Solar to an announcer who has elegant charm, the solo girls appeared one after another. Their visuals drew enthusiastic reactions, such as “Wow, so cute!”, “Oh, she looks so young and pure!”, from Defconn and Lee Yi-kyung.

It was the appearance of the 10th person whose name is Ok-soon that shocked everyone. Ok-soon, who dressed in a bright colored dress, exuded a beauty that resembles Han Ye-seul’s. Defconn exclaimed, “Is she really single?”, with his mouth open wide. Song Hae-na also complimented, “This time, Ok-soon is the prettiest girl”.

Looking at the girls who shine with beautiful appearances, Defconn couldn’t stop showing admiration for her, saying “They’re all like models, actresses, and goddesses”. Lee Yi-kyung nodded, saying “They are like celebrities”. Even the male solo men on the show couldn’t take their eyes off Ok-soon’s way of walking as they exclaimed, “As expected from Ok-soon”. “Let’s not walk side by side with her”, other solo girls were alert of Ok-soon. 

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