Jessi talks about DAWN’s exposure: “Why does that XX take his shirt off like this?”

Jessi mentioned the exposure of her agency colleague DAWN.

On April 29th, episode 45 of “Turkeys on the Block” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “STUDIO WAFFLE”.

Jessi, who appeared as a guest in the video, responded to the opinion that her face seems to have changed compared to when she debuted, “Women tend to take good care of their beauty. But people think I had a lot of plastic surgery.”


She asked, “Do I look like a plastic surgery monster?” Lee Yong-jin replied, “Not at all.” She then said, “But it’s slightly like that on the screen.” When Lee Yong-jin affirmed “That’s being jealous of Jessi“, Jessi looked moved, saying, “Is this program originally this warm?”


When asked if CEO Psy disliked revealing outfits, she responded coolly, “I don’t care if he likes it or not.” Lee Yong-jin continued, “I went to Psy’s concert a few times, and he dressed badly.” Jessi agreed, “I know. He even wears Beyonce’s XX panties.”


She added, “There are some friends in our company who wear revealing outfits, such as HyunA.” Lee Yong-jin said, “DAWN is always taking off his shirt.” Jessi made everyone laugh as she responded with a question, “Why does he take it off like that? That XX.”

Meanwhile, Jessi released her single “ZOOM” on April 21st.

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