Jessi shared, “Stop putting fillers in my lips? I did it 4 years ago. The fillers are almost gone now”

Singer Jessi corrected the suspicions of her taking excessive lip filler procedures.

On April 29th, the web entertainment program “Turkids on the Block” featuring Jessi, who recently made a comeback with her new song “ZOOM”, on the Youtube channel ‘STUDIO WAFFLE’.

Regarding the public’s responses that her face has changed considerably compared to that of her debut’s early days, Jessi shared, “To be honest, women often get things done on them after a few months. Women get treatments to look young”, adding, “I don’t really do that much, but now that I’ve gotten older, my face has aged, too. So people think I got lots of plastic surgeries done”.


Jessi then turned to comedian Lee Yong-jin and said, “When you see me in person, do I look like a plastic surgery monster? On TV, I do look like that”. Lee Yong-jin replied, “No, not at all. They’re just jealous of you, Jessi”.

In addition, Jessi also confessed, “People say, ‘Stop putting fillers in your lips’. Let’s be honest about my lips. I put in fillers about 4 years ago. I draw my lips bigger than their original size”. She pouted her lips and said, “If you put in fillers, you can’t do this with your lips”, adding, “The fillers are almost gone now”.

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