Jeon So Nee “Kim Da Mi likes weird looking, awkward emoticons”

On March 15th, Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee’s interview video was uploaded on Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel.

Jeon So Nee-Kim Da Mi

The video showed Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee answering questions. Regarding Jeon So Nee, Kim Da Mi introduced, “We got to know each other through filming the movie ‘Soulmate’. She’s a considerate person with great passion for her career.

Jeon So Nee praised, “Da Mi likes Korean food. She’s tall. She has a beautiful shoulder line. Everything looks good on her. She has leadership. She’s mature. She understands her job very well and that is shown when she acts with confidence.

Jeon So Nee-Kim Da Mi

When asked “What was your first impression of each other and how is it different now?“, Kim Da Mi replied, “I don’t really see that much of a gap for So Nee between the two.” Jeon So Nee shared, “Da Mi took me right into her world like a fluffy sponge the moment we met and that impression remains the same.” Kim Da Mi added, “My impression on So Nee didn’t change as well. She felt like a person that I can share my thoughts with because she had such a gentle and peaceful vibe. She was just the person I thought she was and still is.

Regarding each other’s attractive points, Jeon So Nee said, “She’s so adorable. I still remember this one episode. We were just talking over a cup of coffee and she spilled her coffee on the table. Then she just starts staring at it and says ‘Oh, my coffee’s gone’. She doesn’t show a lot of emotions. But that mild reaction is something that really tickles me. Also, when you see her laugh, she doesn’t actually laugh out loud. She just smiles. You can see her inner emotions if you pay close attention to her.

Jeon So Nee "Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi confessed, “First of all, So Nee is a warm-hearted person with a pure soul. She made me open up more than I would normally do. Sometimes, So Nee gave me these letters while we were filming. She will write me some of the nicest words that are so beautiful and precious.

To the question “Are there any emojis you like to use on each other?“, Jeon So Nee caused laughter by suddenly exposing, “Da Mi has one. There is this emoji Da Mi uses a lot. Da Mi never uses tiny and cute emoticons. Her favorites are weird looking, awkward ones.

Meanwhile, “Soulmate” starring Jeon So Nee and Kim Da Mi was released on March 15th. It deals with the essence of human relationships through 14 years of meeting and parting, friendship and love, longing and jealousy between two friends who first met at the age of 13.

Source: Nate

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