Jeon So-mi, fashion that’s easy to catch a cold… The skirt is too short

Singer Jeon So-mi showed her doll-like beauty and skinny body.

On Oct 10th, Jeon So-mi posted several photos on her Instagram, saying, “I can’t think of any caption.”

In the photos, Jeon So-mi was filming on the street. Jeon So-mi, who completed all-black styling with a black jumper, boasted her white leg line with a short skirt that exposed her thighs.

Jeon So-mi

Jeon So-mi showed off incredible visuals and proportions with her small face and long legs. Netizens exclaimed, “If Barbie were a person, she would be like Jeon So-mi.”

Meanwhile, Jeon So-mi will participate in the 2022 Mokkoji Korea in Malaysia in November.

Source: Nate

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