Jeon Jong Seo wrote a heartfelt letter to her late father, “Cerebellar atrophy is such a cruel disease… Dad, I loved you like crazy”

Actress Jeon Jong Seo dedicated a letter to her father who recently passed away.

On February 16th, Jeon Jong Seo wrote on her SNS, “Leaving behind my dad who was diagnosed with a disease as soon as I debuted, I’ve been acting for 6 years and there were many painful days. I’m so sad that I didn’t dare to figure out what you felt whenever you stared blankly at the ceiling during the time that was like a long tunnel.”

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The actress continued, “My mom, who had taken care of my sick father until her body was worn out, and dad, who tried to hug her with his trembling hands let me see countless moments of true love and healed the anger of this little girl. That’s why I’m feeling what pain is for the first time in my life”, confessing her heavy heart. 

She added, “My dad finally took off the body that hurt him so much. Here is the profile of my dad, who used to drive me to school every morning and said, ‘Our daughter Jong Seo, I love you’. I’m afraid that all the handwritten letters you wrote to me will become painful wounds. He taught me many things but never yelled at me. My dad, who had spent his whole life living between life and death like a glass bead, I’m shouting out loud to where you at”.

“Dad, I really loved you like crazy. You did a great job, dad. I respect you, dad. I love you forever, dad”, Jeon Jong Seo shared, “I would like to thank each and every one of you for giving blessings to my dad in tears on his way and making my skinny mom gain weight again. Moreover, I want to pay tribute to all the patients and their families who also suffer from this cruel cerebellar atrophy”, cheering for the patients with the same disease and their families.

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Jeon Jong Seo’s father passed away on February 12th. As the only daughter, Jeon Jong Seo shared her sorrow by listing the name of her boyfriend, director Lee Chung Hyun, as a chief mourner. 

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong Seo made her debut in Lee Chang Dong’s film “Burning”. She has starred in various famous movies and dramas, such as “The Call”, “Nothing Serious”, Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”, TVing’s “Bargain”, etc.

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