Jeon Jong Seo drew attention on the red carpet, flaunted glorious charm and voluminous body 

Actress Jeon Jong Seo showed off her glamorous charm on the red carpet of an award ceremony

On the afternoon of October 5th, Jeon Jong Seo appeared on the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the 27th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), which was held at the Haneul Theater of the Cinema Center in Haeundae-gu, Busan.

On this day, the actress was dressed in a white dress with a deep cut in the chest, showing off her voluminous body and catching the eyes of netizens.

At the same time, Jeon Jong Seo drew admiration with her superior visuals, boasting clear skin and sharp features.

Then, with a bright smile, the actress gave off a unique innocent atmosphere and easily stole the spotlight.

On the other hand, Jeon Jong Seo entered the event alongside director Jeon Woo Seong, actors Jang Ryul and Jin Seon Gyu, who worked together with her in the web-series “Ransom”. 

Jeon Jong Seo recently appeared in the Netflix original series “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area”, and has been selected as the main character for the movie “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon”, making her first mark in Hollywood. The actress has also been active in various genres, going from the drama “Ransom” to movies “Burning”, “The Call”, and “Ballerina”. 

Meanwhile, the Busan International Film Festival, which was held normally for the 1st time in three years, was hosted by Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Yeo Bin, while Han Ji Min, Shin Ha Kyun, and director Koreeda Hirokazu also attended the event.

The Busan International Film Festival will be held in the Haeundae area for ten days from October 5th to October 14th.

Source: wikitree

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