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Sandara Park “I gained 7kg because of Kim Sook and got embroiled in controversy over thyroid health, now I’m 39kg”

Sandara Park revealed the story of how she gained weight because of Kim Sook.

Park So-hyun and Sandara Park appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House“, which aired on Oct 5th.

On the broadcast that day, Sandara Park confessed that she could not drink because her stomach was full of water just by taking liquid hangover cures and pills.

Jung Hyung-don mentioned that Sandara Park gained more weight than usual while appearing on “Video Star”. Sandara Park surprised people by saying, “I gained 7kg in 2 years under Sook unnie’s plan. The last time I came out here, I weighed the most, so there was a controversy over thyroid health. I gained weight and weighed 45~6kg back then. I’m 39~40kg now.”

Park So-hyun said that eating slowly has been her habit since she was doing ballet. Park So-hyun confessed, “The manager who worked with me for a long time also thought that I only ate one serving for years. While I eat one Tangsuyuk, the other person eats seven. The manager gradually got fatter.”

Kim Sook explained, “I was fooled for years, too. Whenever I eat with So-hyun unnie, I’m the only one who feels full. It takes her a long time to chew food. I think I should not lose and I keep eating, so in the end, I’m the only one who eats much.”

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