Jennie described things with emojis: from her nickname “Human Chanel” to BLACKPINK members Rosé x Jisoo x Lisa

Jennie spent time communicating with fans and answering various questions using emojis.

On January 21st, a video titled, “Jendeukie, describing Human Chanel in emoji? Jennie’s emoji interview”, was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Elle Korea.

After finishing the photoshoot, Jennie spent time answering questions using emojis. First, when asked how today’s photoshoot was, she chose the emoji that is pouting and sending a heart. In addition, when asked to express today’s mood, she replied with a chick.

Jennie then received a question that told her to describe BLACKPINK members as emojis. She said,Rosé is like this these days”, and chose a smiling emoji together with a face that is full of hearts. After that, Jennie picked the one with sunglasses and a chic smile for Jisoo and the face wearing a cone hat in a celebration for Lisa.

When asked to describe her nickname “Human Chanel”, Jennie chose the one with both hands put together to express her gratitude.

When choosing an emoji that goes well with “Jendeukie”, she said, “Are there any dumplings here?”, then picked a heart.

In response to the question, “Which emoji comes to your mind when you think of BLINKs?”, Jennie said, “I want to hold a pink heart”. In the end, she raised another heart and expressed her affection for fans.

To show her fashion style, Jennie laughed when taking out the clapping emoji. She then picked up a new one, which is an exploded head, saying, “I’m just kidding”. Jennie also shared that she kept considering what to wear every day.


Finally, Jennie chose the tiger emoji to describe this year, saying, “This year is the Tiger year!”.


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