Jennie said BLACKPINK are neither “the best singers or dancers”, admits she’s not the best singer while training

Jennie (BLACKPINK) gave her honest advice to a team of BABYMONSTER in preparing for their first evaluation. 

After the shocking announcement that there will be elimination for the final lineup of BABYMONSTER, on March 9th, YG released the first episode of the series titled “Last Evaluation.” 


In this episode, 7 members of BABYMONSTER were divided into 2 teams. The first episode focused on showing the training process of group A, including Ruka, Pharita and Ahyeon preparing for the cover of “Gone” by Rosé (BLACKPINK).

Jennie (BLACKPINK) made a surprise appearance as the mentor of team A. After observing the team’s performance, she expressed her amazement at Pharita’s voice. She also reserved applause for Ruka in her rap parts, but stressed that confidence is essential to a rapper. To Ahyeon, she said: “I can see you have the most talent among the members,” affirming Ahyeon’s well-rounded charm. 


Moreover, Jennie was upfront when she shared her experience on how to stay the most relaxed before the evaluations: “Before going on stage, rather than thinking about things like ‘What if I’m not in tune?’ I think of how I’m going  to shock everyone sitting out there. I got the tune wrong, danced wrong and couldn’t build chords when I was a trainee. But I was very sure of one thing. ‘I’M GOING TO DO THIS’.” 


She continued, “I think for BLACKPINK, it wasn’t about the four of us being the best singers or dancers. One thing I still remember to this day is that, we all thought,’”If not this, I’m going to die’. That’s how hard we tried. Nothing came in the way. I think it would’ve been good if someone told me this when I was a trainee. That’s why I’m saying all these things I wish I knew when I was a trainee…”

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) admits not being the best singe

Source: K14

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