Jay Park’s reaction when asked if he regretted deleting his Instagram account with 5.8 million followers is…?

Singer Jay Park (Park Jae-beom) directly mentioned his decision to delete his SNS account with 5.8 million followers, drawing fans’ attention.

A video titled “Recent update on Park Jae-beom after leaving AOMG” was recently uploaded on the Youtube channel “jisoujang”. In the video, Jang Ji-soo asked Jay Park, “Don’t you regret deleting your Instagram (that had 5.8 million followers)”.

jay park

It seems like Jang Ji-soo asked this question because Jay Park’s SNS account could be worth billions of won. In fact, it was expected that the value per promotional post on Jay Park’s Instagram alone would already exceed 50 million won.

Jay Park folded his arms and calmly said, “Yes. I don’t regret doing it. It’s nothing to me”. But later, he knelt down and made a sobbing expression, drawing laughter.

jay park

In December 2021, Jay Park announced on his SNS that he had decided to retire as CEO of AOMG and H1GHR Music then deleted his personal Instagram account that had 5.8 million followers.

In an interview with web magazine HYBEBEAST last month, Jay Park said, “I wanted to deliver the message that resigning as a CEO was a difficult decision. Deleting my Instagram was one of my plans”. The singer made headlines as he revealed that it was an act reminding himself of not losing his original intentions.

jay park

However, about two months after deleting his Instagram account, Jay Park drew attention again as he created a new one. In response, fans jokingly said, “Why did you resign if you were going to do this?”, “What a waste”, etc.

Meanwhile, Jay Park is currently continuing his unique move by diligently promoting his soju brand “Won Soju!”, which was launched directly through his new Instagram account. 

After establishing the new company “MORE VISION”, Jay Park recently collaborated with IU and released the new song “GANADARA”.

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