“Unexpected behavior…” Jay Park lost billions of won with just one click

Singer Jay Park revealed the reason for deleting his personal Instagram account which has 5.8 million followers. 

In an interview with the web magazine HYPEBEAST on Feb 22nd, Jay Park explained why he deleted his personal Instagram account.

Jay Park said, “There are two main reasons. First of all, I wanted to convey to everyone that my resignation from AOMG’s CEO position was a very difficult decision.” “After a long period of time, a similar frame has started to form, which means the viewers and myself can get tired of it, so I always try to do something new,” he said.

jay park

“I want to stimulate and burden myself and show my unexpected behavior to people who are watching me,” he said adding, “Leaving Instagram is one of them. I literally don’t want to lose my original intentions,” he added.

Jay Park left Instagram on the 1st of last month. At that time, he had 5.8 million followers. Considering that he usually receives an advertisement fee of 10 won per follower, Jay Park, who has 5.8 million followers, is expected to have a feed ad value of over 50 million won.


His account value is judged to be billions of won. The SNS analysis site “Best Nine” evaluated the value of Han Yeseul’s Instagram account, which has 2 million followers, at 1.7 billion won last year. Although there is a difference depending on the average number of likes per post, Jay Park‘s account value is estimated to be higher than this.

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