Jay Park reveals More Vision’s office building, “My father manages the company’s property. I don’t know the exact amount we earn”

Rapper Jay Park (Park Jae Beom) unveiled his company’s office building for the first time.

Jay Park recently appeared on Jang Woo Hyuk’s Youtube channel “JANGWOOHYUK” and introduced the office building of More Vision, which he established in March last year, for the first time.

Jay Park

Jay Park said, “This is the first time I officially showed my company building”. Pointing at the large LED screen on the 1st floor, Jang Woo Hyuk exclaimed, “I was very surprised when I arrived at the 1st floor”, adding “The office building gives off an artistic vibe”.

Revealing that the interior work took him a year to finish, Jay Park confessed, “Since I spend a lot of time working here, I wanted to make it a comfortable place where I could feel like ‘I want to go to work’, or ‘I want to stay more even after finishing my work’.”

Jay Park

Regarding the reason he chose this office building, saying, “Maybe it’s because of some kind of energy or vibe that I felt when I came here myself?  First, it’s a newly built building, so it’s clean and the location is not complicated. The only problem is that there are many hills around. Other than that, all the conditions were good”, adding, “The monthly rent is a little bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it.”

The male rapper also explained how he uses the entire building, from the 1st basement floor to the 4th floor and the rooftop. He said, “Originally, the 1st basement floor was used for the management team, rookie development team, and private practice rooms. However, as the number of trainees increased and more artists joined, we moved the facilities for trainees to Nonhyeon-dong”, adding, “Since we have to provide different lessons for the trainees and both Jessi and I have to practice for our performances, we needed separate practice rooms, and one place wasn’t enough.”

Jay Park

Receiving the straightforward question that whether he made a lot of money from AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, and More Vision, Jay Park replied, “Not as much as people may think”. He continued, “My father manages the property, so I don’t know the exact amount. I have never checked it”, adding “I just don’t spend more than the amount that I earn.”

Jay Park

He shared, “At first, I actually had to keep searching for work. Even though my name is quite hot, and I have a good reputation as well as fans’ support, I still got the feeling of starting from scratch in this industry. So, I really appreciate just the fact that people are still showing interest in me and I’m grateful that many people are joining the casting.”

Source: Nate

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