Jang Won Young’s new promotional video with innisfree was released but she was unexpectedly compared to SNSD Yoona, why?

Working as an Ambassador for the same brand, Won Young was deemed less suitable than SNSD’s Yoona.

Jang Won Young is one of the most sought after 4th generation idols not only in the music industry, but also in the fashion and beauty industries. Won Young works as an Ambassador for several major brands, getting numerous lucrative contracts. She is frequently complimented on her gorgeous looks. She is frequently seen wearing fresh, sweet makeup look with dazzling eyes and lip gloss.

Jang Won young

Jang Won Young, on the other hand, recently participated in a promotional film for innisfree, the brand for which she is an Ambassador. When she takes off her makeup style, Won Young seems significantly less appealing, which shocked netizens.

Jang Won Young in the video just wears eyebrows and light lipstick, rather than her typical heavy makeup of curled eyelashes, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. Light makeup, according to netizens, has accidentally shown signs of eyelid surgery.

Jang Won Young has always been associated to colorful makeup since entering the entertainment world. She was thus deemed unfit for the brand when she tried the natural makeup look of innisfree. This cosmetic company seeks natural, and pure beauty, therefore when this concept is applied to Jang Won Young, the results are less than stellar.

Jang Won Young innisfree

Yoona served as the innisfree ambassador for almost 11 years prior to Jang Won Young. Yoona and innisfree have had many good collaborations in the past, since Yoona is famous for her pure and gentle image. As a result, when Jang Won Young took over from her senior, she couldn’t help but be compared to the SNSD member.

Yoona innisfree

Many debates have arisen when the news that Won Young has been appointed as the Ambassador for innisfree was made public. According to netizens, the new Ambassador – Won Young’s photo does not resemble the image of a muse, which is innisfree’s favored style.

Jang Won Young innisfree

The most recent innisfree video indicated that Won Young may not be the best fit for this cosmetic brand. She is still very pretty but she looks best with idol style makeup.

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