Jan 9th N years ago: SBS’ “The its know” apologized to NU’EST…Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi’s marriage rumors

On Jan 9th N years ago, various issues in the entertainment industry made stars cry and laugh.

▲ SBS’ “The its know”, apologize to NU’EST (Jan 9th, 2020)

The production team of SBS’ “The its know” directly apologized to NU’EST.

On Jan 9th, 2020, the production team of “The its know” apologized through a statement for causing misunderstandings about NU’EST-related “sajaegi” (digital chart manipulation).


On this day, the production team explained, “While reporting for the Jan 4th episode entitled ‘Manipulated World – Is It Digital Sajaegi? Or Viral Marketing?’, we met with an informant who stated that his e-mail address had been stolen. The production team aired footage of the contents of his e-mail inbox after obscuring it, however one frame (1/30 of a second) was omitted from the obscuring and it showed that the song was NU’EST W’s ‘Dejavu’.


The production team said, “After the episode aired, the ‘NU’EST Digital Streaming Team’ composed of NU’EST fans revealed that while a fan was personally registering accounts on Genie Music to download NU’EST W’s ‘Dejavu’, they used a random e-mail instead of their own, and that was the e-mail that belongs to the informant who appeared in the show.


They continued, “The NU’EST Digital Streaming Team’s claim is that this was simply the error of a fan who purchased the artist in question’s song several times using someone else’s e-mail and it is not related to NU’EST’s agency Pledis Entertainment. If this is true, then we express our deep regret that suspicions arose because of the producers’ poor handling of the footage. Also, we express our deep regret over the fan’s mistake to have repeatedly made purchases using someone else’s e-mail account.

▲ Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi, suffer from marriage rumors (Jan 9th, 2019)

Actors Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi were embroiled in marriage rumors, but their agency denied.

In January 2019, rumors emerged that Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi were getting married at the Shilla Hotel. This quickly spread through online communities. The agency Management Soop explained on Jan 9th, “They are only close friends, not lovers, and their marriage rumors are even more untrue.

gong yoo jung yoo mi

Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi worked together in the 2011 movie “The Crucible” and the 2016 movie “Train to Busan”. They boasted a close friendship through the same agency.

Regarding this, Gong Hyo Jin attracted attention by saying in a post uploaded on SNS by Management Soop’s CEO Kim Jang Kyun, “It’s driving me crazy. Why isn’t he ever rumored to be dating me? I hate that more! Are we always just ‘Gong siblings’?

Gong Yoo

Meanwhile, regarding the two’s marriage rumors, the agency announced that they would respond strongly to further distribution and reproduction behaviors. The two later worked together again in the film “Kim Ji-young: Born 1982” in October 2019.

Source: Nate, Soompi

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