J. Y. Park’s unexpected situation in Japan… “The quarantine has been prolonged due to a confirmed case among airline passengers”

Singer and music producer J. Y. Park revealed his recent status in Japan.

On March 21st, J. Y. Park posted a long text on his personal SNS along with a photo taken at his accommodation in Japan.

He revealed the situation where he was suddenly in quarantine, “After three COVID-19 PCR tests and 7 days of quarantine, I finally meet you. Despite so many unexpected variables, I’m very happy to finally be able to meet you.”

Park Jin-young

He then explained, “I’m sorry to those who have been waiting for me in Nagoya and Fukuoka. The quarantine has been prolonged due to a confirmed case among airline passengers. But I’ll definitely meet you in other areas.”

J. Y. Park added, “The last project before the COVID-19 incident broke out was Nizi Project, and the first project I did as the COVID-19 crisis calmed down a little bit is once again Nizi Project. I’m excited about what kind of dreamers I’ll meet this time. Let’s meet in Hiroshima.”

Park Jin-young

In February 2019, J. Y. Park signed a business agreement with Sony Music, Japan’s largest record company, and started the reality competition show “Nizi Project“. Through this, girl group NiziU was formed in 2020.

Nizi Project” Season 2 aims to create a boy group. Auditions will be held in a total of 11 cities in Korea, Japan and the United States. J. Y. Park plans to visit audition venues to discover talents himself.

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