IVE’s Wonyoung praised for doing this to TWICE’s Nayeon during live broadcast 

How Jang Wonyoung responded to Nayeon’s mistake drew attention. 

TWICE’s Nayeon released her first solo album on June 24th, becoming the group’s first soloist in 7 years of debut. On the same day, Nayeon appeared on KBS2’s Music Bank to promote her solo song “POP”

ive wonyoung twice nayeon music bank

During Nayeon’s interview with the two Music Bank MCs in the middle of the live broadcast, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung tilted the script towards Nayeon so she could see it in case she forgot what to say. Earlier, Nayeon was nervous so she confused some of her lines. 

Netizens who watched Music Bank commented, “Wonyoung didn’t tremble next to her senior”, “The two bunnies met”, and “It was a live broadcast, but Wonyoung was so good at handling mistakes. Such a pro.”

ive wonyoung twice nayeon music bank

Source: wikitree

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