IVE’s Liz grab netizens’ attention for looking similar to BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Lee Min Ho in profile and pre-debut photos

Among the members of Starship’s upcoming girl group IVE, Liz is becoming a hot topic on Korean online forums.

The complete lineup of IVE – Starship’s upcoming rookie girl group
Eye-catching profile pictures of Liz

Recently, Starship confirmed that the company’s new girl group IVE will debut by the end of 2021. Currently, through profile pictures and brief introductions, Starship has finished introducing the complete lineup of IVE including 6 members: Gaeul, Yujin, Wonyoung, Liz, Rei and Leeseo. 

Specifically, Korean member Liz, born on November 21, 2004 is expected to be one of the group’s vocalists. However, because the new members have not had any opportunity to showcase their talent, what makes netizens most impressed by Liz is her visual. Liz’s face reminds many Korean netizens of STAYC’s Yoon, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie and BLACKPINK’s Lisa. According to some other netizens, in the black and white portrait shot, the angle of Liz’s face and her smile make her look like a female version of actor Lee Min Ho. Currently on Korean online communities, many netizens also agree with this comparison and say that IVE has 2 members whose looks resemble famous male celebrities: Liz looks like Lee Min Ho, and Leeseo looks like TVXQ’s Changmin.

This photo of Liz…
 … reminds Korean netizens of Lee Min Ho

Liz has continued to be the focus of attention when her pre-debut photos were shared on Korean online forums. From school yearbook photos when she was a kid to selfies, close-up photos when she grew up, netizens are impressed by Liz’s lovely visuals, especially her adorable dimples.

Some pre-debut photos of Liz
Liz is said to looking similar to BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Based on these past photos of Liz, Many Korean netizens continue to leave comments that the female rookie looks like BLACKPINK’s Lisa. While some other comments say that if Liz had black hair like in her pre-debut photos, she would look even more gorgeous and give off an actress vibe.


Some Korean netizens’ comments on Liz’s visuals:

  • I can confirm that I live in Cheongdam, and the profile pictures taken by Starship don’t do her visuals justice at all. If you see her in real life, you’ll be blown away by her beauty ㅠㅠㅠ
  • She reminds me of STAYC’s Yoon.
  • Her pre-debut photos look like BLACKPINK’s Lisa.
  • She looks like Lee Min Ho in that black and white photo!!
  • Wow, Liz’s smile is very similar to Lee Min Ho’s.
  • Seriously, what’s up with kids born in 2004? They are all so pretty, tall and have idol aura.
  • I can see Lee Min Ho and Lisa in her.
  • In the pre-debut photos, she looks a lot like Lisa.
  • She looks like the female version of Lee Min Ho. Their smiles are similar.
  • IVE has 2 members who are female versions of male celebs, including Lee Min Ho and even TVXQ’s Changmin!!
  • I heard she’s so much prettier in real life!!
  • Her full body shot looks like STAYC’s Yoon, while her black and white portrait resembles Lee Min Ho.
  • When she has black hair, she looks like an actress. She was definitely born to be an idol!!
Liz’s profile picture edited by fans 
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