IVE Jang Won Young faced “lazy dancing” accusation after skipping a dance move 

The performance of IVE Jang Won Young at the KBS Song Festival is receiving controversial opinions. 

On December 16th, the 2022 KBS Song Festival was held at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium. On this day, IVE (Ahn Yu Jin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Won Young, Liz, Leeseo), a representative girl group, attended and flaunted a passionate stage. 

ive wonyoung

In particular, IVE opened the 3rd part of the festival by showing a stage that catered to the theme of “Y2K sensibility”. They also drew cheers from fans with performances of “LOVE DIVE” and “After LIKE”, along with a dance break.

However, amid this performance, it was discovered that Jang Won Young did not turn their head during a part of the choreography, while the rest of the group did it normally. 

ive wonyoung

Since then, the female idol has been buried in criticism in various online communities, with many accusing Jang Won Young of being “lazy” on stage. However, many contended that there must be a reason for Jang Won Young’s action. 

These people pointed out that Jang Won Young was the MC for the entire song festival, and speculated that she might need to maintain her hairstyle. 

ive wonyoung

On the other hand, some believed that Jang Won Young simply forgot to do the move, seeing that she used her head more than other members during other parts of the stage. 

Below are some comments from netizens regarding the issue: 

  • Fans simply can’t defend her anymore 
  • The remaining members were doing the move so hard they were breaking their neck, but Jang Won Young …
  • Isn’t it because she was the MC and needed her hair to stay the way it is?
  • All of this over one dance move, people keep making storms out of tea cups
  • How is this a controversy?
ive wonyoung

Meanwhile, IVE is considered a “monster rookie” after winning both Rookie of the Year and the Grand Prize Daesang at awards ceremony. 

LOVE DIVE was also selected as the most loved song of the year, as announced by the music platform Bugs on December 19th. 

Source: Insight 

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