IVE got into controversy after canceling their appearance at a university festival, “Paid already” VS “Nothing was confirmed”

Controversy continues after IVE canceled their appearance at a university festival.

On Oct 5th, Starship Entertainment posted an announcement on the official fan cafe of IVE, saying, “We would like to inform you of our position regarding IVE’s show at Kyungbuk National University’s festival Daedongje and Keimyung University’s festival Biseulje on Oct 6th.”

Starship said, “The requests for our artists’ performance at events or festivals are carried out through individual agencies, and we would like to reveal that there is no Starship agency listed on the university notice,” adding, “We have received offers to appear at Kyungbuk National University Daedongje and Keimyung Culture University Biseulje in early September, but we did not give a definite answer.”


The agency reiterated, “An offline meeting was held between us and the agency, and we would like to inform that we did not verbally give any definite answer to confirm any show.”

“As soon as we found the line-up notice, we have asked the agency to delete our artists’ names, but it was not done, and no specific discussions on the appearance contract and the fee payment were delivered to the headquarters after that,” it said. “It is also not a confirmed schedule, so we did not announce it on IVE’s official schedule.”


Starship also apologized, saying, “We apologize to the students of Kyungbuk National University and Keimyung Culture University for this unfortunate situation caused by the agency’s poor handling of work.”

Earlier, it was reported that IVE would appear at Kyungbuk National University’s Daedongje Festival, but the controversy soon started as Kyungbuk National University announced that “IVE canceled their performance due to visa issues among the members.” In response, Starship countered, “We have only received an offer, and no specific consultations and contracts have been made since then.”

After that, the Central Emergency Response Committee of the Kyungbuk National University Student Association has revealed that Starship’s claim is not true, adding, “We have, not only a verbal confirmation between the agency and Starship, but also a remittance of IVE’s performance fee already paid. This can be proved by our phone calls and remittance details,’ they said, and the war of words continued.

Source: Nate

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