IVE An Yu-jin, an idol with 5 years of experience who tried self-makeup for the first time while filming “Earth Arcade”

IVE An Yu-jin, the youngest member of tvN’s “Earth Arcade”, confessed that it was her first time doing self-makeup.

In episode 6 of tvN’s “Earth Arcade“, which aired on July 29th, the members were shown preparing to go out.

On this day, while An Yu-jin was doing her own makeup to go out, she said that she learned how to put on makeup to appear on “Earth Arcade”, which was filmed in Thailand.

It seems that she learned makeup herself because the filming location was far away and the makeup staff could not accompany her.

Viewers were very surprised when it was revealed that An Yu-jin had never done her own makeup even though she is a singer with 5 years of experience who debuted as a member of idol group IZ*ONE in 2018.

She is presumed to have had no need to put on makeup because she has been busy since her debut at the young age of 16.

An Yu-jin did her own makeup for the first time on “Earth Arcade”, but she boasted a refreshing beauty and showed off her “visual maknae” side without filtering.

There was a line of responses saying that An Yu-jin’s light makeup on “Earth Arcade” suited her innocent and cute image rather than stage makeup.

Many fans applauded when An Yu-jin, who is an excellent “all-rounder” in terms of visuals, dance and singing skills, did her first self-makeup naturally.

Meanwhile, on this day’s broadcast, the members carried out PD Na Young-seok’s signature mission “What are you doing?”, which has been going on since tvN’s “New Journey to the West”.

An Yu-jin had to grind garlic secretly, but she was stunned as the members hid mortar and bat.

Source: insight

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