Kara sobbed over late member Goo Hara at fan-meeting, “I’ve always wanted to say her name”

Starting with the fanmeeting in Osaka, Japan on the 23rd of last month, Kara has also completed fanmeetings in Fukuoka and Yokohama to celebrate the group’s 15th debut anniversary.

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Kara couldn’t hide their joy when facing Japanese fans for the first time since the release of their 15th-anniversary album “Move Again”. 

Greeting fans after a while, the members smiled brightly then heated up the fanmeeting halls with the performances of hit songs, such as “Step”, “Mister”, and “Happy Hour”.

In particular, Kara mentioned the late member Goo Hara, who couldn’t be with them. The members and fans sobbed together as they couldn’t hold back their tears.


Park Gyuri tearfully shared, “I’ve always wanted to say her name. Since Hara must be watching us right now… I really wanted to talk about her but we can’t always mention her. Even when we cannot say her name, we’re always together”.

She then said, “It’s okay. It’s okay even if you don’t feel okay”, and tried to comfort the members who were crying heavily.

Goo Hara

With one heart, fans shouted “Goo Hara” out loud. 

Afterwards, Han Seung Yeon touched everyone when she confessed, “All of us have tried really really hard to hold back our feelings. I think she (Goo Hara) will always be watching us”.

Meanwhile, Kara will hold a fanmeeting at Daeyang Hall of Sejong University in Seoul on April 8th.

Source: Insight

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