IVE allegedly ignores Stray Kids Bang Chan’s greetings at Music Bank Paris 

Netizens believe IVE was the idol group that Bang Chan mentioned on livestream.

On May 15th, Stray Kids Bang Chan was starting his regular “Chan’s Room” livestream to interact with fans. In the session, the male idol recalled memories of the Music Bank in Paris that took place in April. Notably, Bang Chan publicly voiced his opinions about an alleged discourteous behavior of a new-generation idol. Specifically, he shared that he was greeting a group but they did not greet him back. This led Bang Chan to feel disappointed in present-day idols that they did not consider greetings as basic courtesies.  

Moreover, the idol also indirectly referred to the colleagues in question to have no connections to him: “I’m not going to say names, but I guess some people that I don’t know, I guess it’s like that. Maybe that could be the reason why because there’s no connection. Maybe, they could’ve been shy or nervous”.

Bang Chan gets real about the incident with a fellow idol group in Paris last month

In the Music Bank Paris last month, the K-pop act lineup included IVE, Stray Kids, MAMAMOO, ENHYPEN, NMIXX, The Boyz, and AB61X. Netizens quickly deduced that IVE was the group in question.

Netizens deduced that Starship IVE was the group Bang Chan mentioned in his live
Bang Chan once publicly praised ENHYPEN’s music, especially Jake
The Stray Kids member also trained alongside AB6IX Woong and Daehwi. They have been maintaining a close relationship until now
bang chan
Stray Kids and The Boyz developed a close friendship after the survival show Kingdom. In real life, Bang Chan showed a lot of intimate and playful gestures with The Boyz Hyunjae
bang chan
NMIXX and Stray Kids are two groups under the same company. The singer publicly supported NMIXX at the Music Bank in Paris
MAMAMOO is not a “new-generation” group

However, on May 16th, IVE fans uploaded a clip to dispel the circulating rumors. From the video, it seems the girl group was busy waving to their fans they did not notice Bang Chan greeting them. However, IVE Yujin did notice him and was about to exchange greetings. Yet, he ran off too quickly.

bang chan
IVE fans uploaded a clip to debunk the rumor

Source: K14 

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