IU – Lee Jong Suk, and Chang Kiha… Mysterious situation created by an awards ceremony

For celebrities, public relationship is one of the footprints. Just as a singer builds their career through a song or an actor builds their career through a drama/movie, public relationship is also a page.

They or their fans may not want to bring up a relationship from a long time ago. However, due to the nature of the job “celebrity“, when the second public relationship begins, stories from the past are bound to come out.

iu lee jong suk

The last issue in the entertainment industry in 2022 is the romantic relationship between actor Lee Jong Suk and singer IU. On Dec 31st, Lee Jong Suk and IU’s dating rumors broke out, and both of them coolly admitted to dating each other.

Lee Jong Suk and IU‘s time has continued since 2012. The two met as “Inkigayo” MCs and became close friends. While the two were friends, IU had a public relationship once.

lee-jong-suk iu

IU admitted to dating singer Chang Kiha, who is 11 years older than her, in 2015.

Fate is mischievous. On the day IU and Lee Jong Suk acknowledged their romantic relationship, Chang Kiha performed “Envy None” and “New Year’s Luck” at the “2022 SBS Drama Awards”.


Awards ceremonies’ celebratory stages are usually presented by singers who were active that year. Chang Kiha’s performance was out of the blue. This is because he has not carried out many activities apart from “Envy None”.

Chang Kiha and IU’s relationship is over. However, this coincidence is mysterious.

Source: Daum

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