IU injured during “Dream” filming, scar lasted for over a month

Singer and actress IU shared an episode of getting a scar that lasted for a whole month when filming the movie “Dream”.

On April 25th, a video titled “[IU’s Palette] DREAM will show everything a movie promotion can (With ‘DREAM’ team) Ep.20” was uploaded on IU’s official YouTube channel.


In the video, IU discussed the filming episodes with fellow actors from her upcoming movie, “Dream”, at the same time revealing that she had been bitten by a mosquito during an emotional scene where she clashes with Park Seo Joon.

In particular, IU said while filming an emotional scene with Park Seo Joon, she could see a mosquito landing on her cheek and feel it. She also told Park Seo Joon, “I knew the mosquito was biting me, but I didn’t want to interrupt your emotions, so I just got a mosquito bite.”


Hearing this, Park Seo Joon drew laughter by responding that he also noticed the mosquito and so tried to do his lines quickly and end the scene, but it didn’t work. 

Then, when IU mentioned that it was a mountain mosquito, causing her to scar for a month, Park Seo Joon showed skepticism, asking, “One month? Isn’t that too much?” To this, IU argued, “I wouldn’t make this up for nothing. No, it really stayed for a month”, and showed a wronged expression, eliciting laughter.

Meanwhile, the movie “Dream”, which stars IU and Park Seo Joon, will be released in theaters on April 26th.

Source: Nate 

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