IU, Girls’ Generation and Park Eun-bin heralded strict measures against illegal ticket traders

The crackdown on premium ticket prices for IU, Girls’ Generation and Park Eun-bin’s performances is receiving favorable reviews from netizens.

Premium tickets mean purchasing tickets for concerts, fan meetings and fan signing events in advance then selling them at a higher price on Twitter, second-hand markets and ticket sales sites.


In fact, IU, Girls’ Generation and Park Eun-bin‘s concert and fan meeting tickets are being traded at around 100,000~300,000 won on Twitter and ticket sales sites.

In response to such premium ticket transactions, IU’s agency Edam Entertainment posted a notice on their official Instagram on August 5th about the policy regarding illegal ticket transactions for IU’s concert.

The agency emphasized strict measures, saying that tickets purchased through any other route other than official sellers would be considered as illegal tickets.

iu concert

According to the policy, on August 11th and 12th, Edam Entertainment applied the penalty of “permanent expulsion of IU’s official fan club, forced withdrawal from the official fan cafe and permanent restriction on the use of Melon Ticket ID” against 7 illegal traders.

Park Eun-bin’s agency Namoo Actors announced on August 12th, “We have confirmed that tickets for the 2022 Park Eun-bin 1st FAN MEETING <Eun-bin Note: Empty Space> are sold on personal SNS and other trading sites. We will proceed with forced cancellation without prior notice.”

SM Entertainment also warned, “If any illegal activity is found, we will immediately report it to the police. Both the transferor and the transferee will be disqualified from the fan club as well as will have no opportunity to reserve performances related to our artists.”

Source: wikitree

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